Rye Brook, New York

Doral Arrowwood is a 9 hole golf course, residential and conference center community. Located in prestigious Westchester County, the golf course is a gorgeous shaping of holes that are all interesting and all different.

Kelly Blake Moran, as lead architect, worked closely with a large team of development experts, including planners, architects, engineers, landscape architects, arborists, and land-use attorneys, in routing and designing a course that addressed many critical goals and concerns of the client and local governmental agencies.

Primarily, the course accommodates and gives pleasure to a wide range of golfing abilities and customers, from the visiting conference center guest to the residential player. Furthermore, the course provides many lovely views from the residential homesites that are sited at the limit of the course property.


Equally important were the measures taken to address the issues of a technical nature. Mr. Moran collaborated with the civil engineers to design a storm water management system that could detain 110% of the site's pre-development run-off. This system was laid out in lakes, streams, and wetlands in a natural appearance that supplemented the existing lake and brook on the property.

The site possessed many mature and beautiful trees. Mr. Moran, in addition to being sensitive to the planning criteria for the player and the residential developer, carefully shaped the routing of the holes to preserve these trees as a part of the strategic and aesthetic course design.

The Doral Arrowwood golf course is a picturesque landscape of hills and valleys; a course that compels the player to place their shots carefully; a course that remains curiously interesting and enjoyable for a broad range of abilities. The virtues of the course have caused the residential homesites to sellout well ahead of schedule. Yet, the supreme virtue of the course may lie in its advantage of only being 9 holes so that the player is blessed with playing many great holes twice.

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