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Costa de Cachagua sits high on a hillside that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  The course opened nine holes in 2000Residential sales have been tremendous in an otherwise down market.

The beauty of a short par four early in the round is the opportunity it provides for a good score and a much needed good start to set the tone for the rest of the round.  At the 2nd hole the player will certainly receive this impression upon looking at the scorecard prior to playing.  However, this hole can also trip the careless and overly aggressive player.  A fairway bunker smack in the middle of the landing area can abruptly end hopes for a good score, and the smallish green, protected along its entire front by deep bunkers will not give way easily.

From tees situated high above the fairway, the 5th hole, depicted in the picture, can be entirely surveyed before a shot is hit.  The tremendous drop from tee to fairway adds approximately thirty per cent to the length of the tee shot.  Three bunkers guard the fairway, and a creek winds away from the right side of the fairway to cross between the landing area and the green.  The green is well bunkered.  An opening right of center will allow a grounder in, but a ridge starting in the fairway and running through the green keeps these shots to the right half of the putting surface.

The final two holes share a part of the land that is a sweeping panorama of bold hills and valleys.  This terrain on which the 8th hole was laid out was particularly strong from the tee to the first turn point.  After the turn point the land opens up to reveal many more charming natural landforms.  The green, depicted in the picture, is almost entirely surrounded by three bunkers.  Just about every pin position will have a sand bunker behind it requiring a precisely played pitch shot.  The farther left the bridge shot is played the more likely the approach shot will also require a carry over the front left green side bunker.  To be in any of the bunkers could be disastrous since most every possible recovery shot from a bunker will be toward another bunker that is close in back of the shot on this small green.

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