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Hole 9  
Here is the over all master plan for the hole:  
Here is a comparison of the original hole and the new hole:  


The elevated green is guarded along its left side by a bunker and descending slopes around its perimeter.






There are three major features in hole 9 green. The low green in front that abruptly rises up forming a bench along the front of the green; the descending surface from the front to the back; and, the large bunker nudging into the left side of the green. These three features work together to make this an outstanding green for the finish to the front nine holes.

In the picture to the right, take note that the green extends behind the bunker and in line with the far, left edge of the bunker. The ground to the right of the green descends sharply from the green and is clothed in fairway. A careless shot that seeks to be safe and avoid the bunker can get carried away to the right by the land sloping away from the green.

It will be most challenging to play an aerial shot onto the green, above the bench, if the pin is in the front to middle part of the green. The best play is to hit a low shot to the front and let it climb the hill.

If the green were typical in that it descended from back to front then the bench in front would not be important. Because the green descends from front to back and from right to left the player can play a low shot to the front of the green, roll up the bench then have it swing around the bunker from right to left to a pin area in back of the bunker, thus completely avoiding a confrontation with the deep bunker.


Because the green descends from the recovery shot, it will require a very delicate pitch onto the green to get close to any pin near the front of the green.

Pictured to the right is a close up of the apron and bench at the front of the green.

The fairway line shall stay well to the left of the hole so that it is completely in front of the left greenside bunker and ties into the left side of the green. The fairway line along the right side shall stay well to the right of the green and tie into the back of the green. There is a slope that descends from the right side of the green which must be in fairway in order to complement the strategy of the hole. The fairway line needs to be far to the right so that a ball that rolls down the slope will come to rest on fairway.  
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