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Hole 8  
Here is the over all master plan for the hole:  
Here is a comparison of the original hole and the new hole:  


The original green was more accessible from the left side because of a bunker in the front, right part of the green. Another bunker rests on a mound in back of the green.





The initial effort resulted in a green that was well shaped. We worked on the surrounding area, particularly the approach bunkers on the front, left and the bunker right of the green. 

The putting surface will further confound the player because it slopes in different directions, front, left, right, and to the back.



We shifted the initial approach bunker farther from the green and created an additional bunker to stretch the bunkering more across the approach and in line with the approach into the green. This modification has created an interesting look in that the green appears to set up for a left to right shaped shot, whereas the approach to the green set ups up for a right to left shaped shot.
We combined the two bunkers along the right side of the green after the initial shaping. There is now a large, menacing bunker that challenges play into the right side pin areas and forces the player to confront the two approach bunkers on the left.
The fairway line along the left side shall meet and abut the bunker line on the left, approach bunker. Therefore, the right, approach bunker shall be encircled by fairway.
The fairway line shall stay to the left of the green and tie into the back of the tee on hole 9. The fairway line shall come from the back of the green and tie into the front of the tee on hole 9.
The fairway line shall stay well right to provide the player the ability to play an angle from the right side into the left part of the green.
The fairway line shall meet the front of the bunker line of the right, greenside bunker.
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