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Hole 4  
Here is the over all master plan for the hole:  
Here is a comparison of the original hole and the new hole:  


The original green sat low, close to the water that is in front. A bunker in back emphasized the need to chose the proper club. Because the pond is along the right side of the green a cautious player might play too far left. From there they may be on the fairway, but face a superb ridge that interrupts the fairway as it ascends to the green.


The new green has two, front, left bunkers that are a factor when the pin is anywhere along the left half of the green. A safe play to the middle or right half of the green is an option but this may leave a very long approach putt. Pictured to the right is the right, front bunker.




Pictured to the right is the left, front bunker.



Pin position in the back of the green, particularly in the right half of the green will be challenged by the bunker in back of the green. An aggressive tee shot seeking to get close could be disastrous if the bunker is found. Playing safe and below the pin is prudent, but may result in a long putt as well.

Pictured to the right is the large bunker in back of the green.

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