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Hole 3  
Here is the over all master plan for the hole:  
Here is a comparison of the original hole and the new hole:  


Early in the process before we began construction on the green I decided to lower all the green grades by .6 meters except for the grades along the back of the green and these were to remain the same. It seemed like another opportunity to bring a green down in contrast to the other greens that were originally elevated.

The initial design ideas were to remain the same which included the fairway leading into green being of two different characters. The left half of the fairway shall be more broken and undulating. The right half shall have movement but much less so than the left half. Actually the left fairway should cover about 2/3 of the green front, and the right fairway cover the remaining  1/3. 


The green required the most work but it has turned out to be an outstanding design. The back and right sides of the green slope away down hill. The horizon line of the green when viewed from the fairway will be putting surface making it difficult to judge where the green ends. The right side of the green turns a careless shot into a very challenging recovery shot because it descends to the lower fairway and bunker.

The front of the green is a series of land forms, like a bumpy ridge, that extends into the middle of the green. The upslope along the right side and back of the green together with this bumpy ridge coming into the middle of the green creates a horseshoe shaped pin area. If the player fails to play to the correct pin area then they will likely have to carefully play their putt over the bumpy ridge to get close to the pin.

The fairway in front of hole 3 green is very wide. The right half of the fairway is a smooth transition into the right half of the green. The left half of the fairway is more rumpled and broken  making it more challenging playing the bump and run shot into the green.  Playing an aerial shot into the left side of the green to avoid the ground in front may be a good strategy however the player must carefully judge the distance to avoid hitting the ridge in the green.




The picture to the right depicts the ridge along the edge of the green next to the green side bunker. With the pin on the right side of the green, recovery shots from the bunker or from the right side of the fairway in front of the green will be challenging because of the ridge.
As noted in the caption, the picture to the right is taken from behind the green. The "ridge in the putting surface" is actually ground that is heaving up and down basically separating the left half of the green from the right half, and challenging approach shots when the pin is in the back of the green.

Getting the fairway lines right is very important because of its impact on the strategic design of the green and green surrounds. I marked the fairway lines during this stage of construction because all fairway areas are to be capped with a clean sand layer.


The fairway line along the left side shall stay wide left so that most of the broken ground along the left side of the hole is covered by fairway.


The fairway line shall continue along the left side of the green staying well left so as to bring the slope extending from the green in to play and eventually tying into the back of the green.


The fairway line along the right side shall stay wide right and meet the green side bunker as far to the right of the bunker as is possible. The intent is to have the fairway meet the bunker line along the entire front of the bunker. 


The fairway line shall stay far to the right so that it covers the entire front of the bunker and matches the bunker line. The fairway line shall continue along the right side of the green, matching the bunker line, and eventually tying into the back of the green.

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