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Hole 1  
Here is the over all master plan for the hole:  
Here is a comparison of the original hole and the new hole:  


Pictured to the right is the original green. The big change was moving the green closer to the pond. This will provide a much more interesting approach to the green as compared to the old green location. Rather than staring down the big house behind the present green, the new green will have more golf course in the background., and it will be lower in elevation. This is important because many of the greens are elevated. The other benefit to moving the green to the right is the opportunity to lengthen hole 2 by moving the tees back to the original location of hole 1 green. Hole 2 plays as a par 5 but the length is more like a par 4. The club desired to keep par the same, but recognized that the original second hole did not have the distance to be a legitimate par 5.

Initially, the green was to be positioned next to the pond but we wanted to save the tree that is in that area. We decided to move the green away from the tree.

Positioning of the green to save two trees worked well. The tree in the front, right part of the approach area will be a factor for those mighty hitters who may attempt the long carry over the water toward the green.

It is best to keep the ball below the hole with the approach shot because of the sloping green from back to front. There is one particularly challenging pin area in the front, left portion of the green. A sharp slope in the fairway approach combined with a narrow landing spot on the green requires some creativity and skill to play into this pin area .

The fairway bunker in the approach area was removed. It did not fit  within the existing land forms and seemed out of place. The hole sets up well as a comfortable beginning with the real possibility of an easy birdie. However, there are enough elements present that could cause a rough start to the round.



As noted on the picture to the right, the front, left pin area will be a serious challenge because of the broken ground in front of it and those land forms continue into the putting surface.
Getting the fairway lines right is very important because of its impact on the strategic design of the green and green surrounds. I marked the fairway lines during this stage of construction because all fairway areas are to be capped with a clean sand layer.

The fairway line on the left side shall stay wide to the left to encompass all of the interesting landforms on the left side before the green. It shall eventually tie into the left side of the green.

The fairway line on the right side should be close to the pond, pass under the tree and tie into the back of the green. The slope that descends from the edge of the green toward the pond needs to be fairway in order to impact the careless shot.
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